Price Crash Weekend at DealDash

If you love bidding at DealDash, and who doesn’t? You’ll love bidding when bids are on sale and it’s Black Friday in July.  This weekend at DealDash you can find .12 -.13 cent bids at their Price Crash Weekend and there is more.

I urge you to pick up your bids for the weekend on Friday, they will be only .12 cents and you’ll get a nice bundle of extra bids from the average price of .15 cents.  If you can get all the bids you’ll need for the weekend that’s a great idea, remember to do your shopping ahead of time so you don’t use up your bids before you see that special something you want.

On Friday during the Black Friday in July Sale, not only are bids only .12 cents, but DealDash is offering Free Wins.  Free wins means that DealDash picks up the tab when the auction ends.  The auction will run like any other auction, one penny at a time, each time using one bid to get there.  When the last bid is placed, you’re the winner! In addition to Free Wins there will be 50 auctions starting at once at 2PM.  It’s a fun frenzy of bidding and the first prizes to sell usually go around .45 cents.  and are usually over early too, but if the item reaches $5, it’s like any other auction.  Definitely  shop ahead of time, look at the items and bookmark your favorites.

You can place an amount of bids in your Bid Buddy if you want to conserve, but when the auctions start, place a bid manually to ensure you get into the auction, because if you put bids in your Bid Buddy and everyone is a  bid stomper, you may not get into the auction.  There has to be a moment for the computer to search for Bid Buddy bids, you can see it saying “checking……”  that’s the auction searching for Bids in Bid Buddy.

Saturday and Sunday the bids are still on sale at .13 cents plus there are No New Bidders After $3. It’s fantastic because all bidder must check into the auction before $3 and that reduces the number of players in the auction thereby improving your chances of winning.

Every win at DealDash is also delivered for FREE, yes, you will never pay a shipping fee at DealDash. That’s a given.

So, let’s recap the sales:

Friday July 29, 2016 – .12 cent bids, Free Wins, 50 Auctions at 2PM, Free Shipping.

Saturday July 30, 2016- .13 cent bids, No New Bidders After $3, Free Shipping

Sunday July 31, 2016- .13 cent bids, No New Bidders After $3, Free Shipping

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!


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